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Prescription Eyeglasses & Contact Lenses in Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania

Correct your vision problems with prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses from Philadelphia Eyeglass Labs in Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania. Our experienced eye care professionals will help you to choose the right corrective products to suit your needs and budget. Choose from our extensive inventory of the latest eyeglasses, lenses, and contacts.
Contact Lens Brands Currently Available - Eye Care Center in Montogomery PN

Contacts Lenses

We fit every brand of colored, disposable, and astigmatism contact lenses, so you'll find what you need to see things clearly.

Designer Eyeglasses

When you prefer a more classic approach to corrective eyewear, we offer a large selection of designer eyeglasses. We also offer a variety of options such as anti-glare and scratch resistant coatings, hi-index (thin) lenses and changeable lenses.
To discuss your specific vision needs, call us at 215-368-1600.